3 observations from Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett in Week 8

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Seahawks need all the Lockett they can get

One of the issues Lockett has had lately is he has been battling injuries. He basically hasn’t practiced in two weeks. That doesn’t excuse him from dropping the ball but it is difficult to go from zero to 60 for a game. Lockett always stays mentally and physically prepared but if you aren’t practicing it makes game speed all that much faster.

12s, of course, appreciate Tyler Lockett. He is great in the community and on the field. But nationally, Lockett is definitely overshadowed by the more effervescent and physically imposing DK Metcalf. But while Metcalf is also a good receiver, Lockett is normally the guy the Seahawks need to throw to when they absolutely must have a pass caught.

Lockett isn’t the face of the franchise and he probably never will be. Usually, that goes to a quarterback or top-5 player. Lockett is among the better receivers in the league but years from now when he and Metcalf are done playing, it is very likely Metcalf will be the one more spoken of. But 12s will always know how great Lockett was.

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And talk about redemption! How impressive was it to go from potentially losing the game for the Seahawks to catching a pass that would be the deciding score? Tyler Lockett needed that play as much as the team overall.