Geno Smith answering the questions no one thought to ever ask

Usp Nfl Seattle Seahawks At Arizona Cardinals S Fbn Ari Sea Usa Az
Usp Nfl Seattle Seahawks At Arizona Cardinals S Fbn Ari Sea Usa Az /

Geno Smith wasn’t expected to be very good this year. But not only has Geno been fantastic, but he may also be changing the way the Seahawks view the future. Geno might need to be extended sooner than later.

But on Seattle Sports 710 AM the question was asked on Thursday, and in all seriousness and it was a good question. For the 2022 season coming into Week 10, who is the better quarterback: Geno Smith or Tom Brady? If you went to sleep in 2012 and just woke up, that question is a real one right now.

First of all, Tom Brady is still playing in 2022 and is doing really well. He is probably like 87 years old (I am far too lazy to look up his actual age), but he’s the GOAT so he still plays like he’s 45 years old.

Geno Smith might be better than Tom Brady right now

But Geno Smith has been a backup for most of his career. He’s finally getting to start this year. How good has he been? Well, better than Brady good.

Brady has a quarterback rating through nine games this year of 90.5. He has thrown for 10 touchdowns against just 1 interception. Solid numbers. His team is 4-5.

Geno Smith, though? Smith through nine games leads the NFL in completion percentage at 73.1. He has thrown 15 touchdown passes against 4 picks. His quarterback rating is 107.2. This is third in the league. Smith’s team is 6-3 with a lot of the credit going to how well Smith has played this year. Smith has also run for 196 yards and 13 first downs. Brady has run for -5 and zero first downs.

I am not saying Geno Smith is a better quarterback than Tom Brady. That would be dumb. But is he playing better right now and putting his team in a better position to win? Yes. That shouldn’t be argued.

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And going into Week 10 in Germany, the Seahawks have to expect to defeat Tom Brady. Not only because the Seahawks have a young team playing with lots of energy and great talent. But also because Geno Smith – right now– is better than Tom Brady.