Seahawks QB Geno Smith borrows from everyone, even Drew Lock

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In a press conference on Thursday, Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith was asked if he borrowed ideas from Tom Brady. He answered yes but didn’t stop there. And his answer is just another reason to be happy Smith is the Seattle quarterback in 2022.

Smith was one of the many Seahawks players who had questions asked to them in the press conference leading up to the NFL’s first official game in Germany ever. The NFL has to self itself to a European audience that might not give a crap about the NFL. It’s not soccer.

But Smith was very likely a player that normal people anywhere can relate to and it’s good to have him speak to mostly German reporters. How do you sell the game? Make it relatable. If Russell Wilson had still been with Seattle and answering questions the reporters’ questions would have been met with a litany of cliches and answers without real depth.

Seahawks QB Geno Smith isn’t afraid to steal from others

But Geno, while extremely gifted on the football field, is basically just like the rest of us off the field. He answers questions in an unrehearsed, off-the-cuff manner. And it’s brilliant and refreshing for most Seahawks fans.

But does Smith borrow stuff on how to play from Tom Brady? Of course, he does. Why wouldn’t he? Anyone should. But Geno also said he borrowed stuff from Aaron Rodgers too.

But Geno also said he borrows stuff from Drew Lock and Sean Mannion. Both Lock and Mannion are backups with the Seahawks. Few starting NFL quarterbacks might give shoutouts to their backups but Geno did and meant it. Good artists borrow but great ones steal, right? And right now Geno Smith is playing like an artist who completely understands how to use the brushes he has to use.

Part of that is in knowing he isn’t perfect. Aaron Rodgers, in contrast, probably thinks he is but isn’t. Geno clearly relishes the chance he has currently and is making the most of it. But instead of thinking he is better than his teammates like Drew Lock, he admits there are things he can pick up from other quarterbacks, including his backup.

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And that’s what the rest of us do too at work, right? We can all borrow stuff from others to make ourselves better. That awareness even allows us to potentially be better. Geno Smith has that awareness and the Seahawks are all the better for it.