Notes from the Nest: Seahawks get GOAT’d in Munich

(Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images)
(Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images) /
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The Seattle Seahawks finally saw their four-game winning streak fall to the hands of Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 21-16. It was a really cool moment for the NFL, playing their first game in Germany, and it was awesome to see the Seahawks be a part of it, even in defeat.

This game wasn’t just a really cool moment, but also a big game, and the only game going on across the league as we all watched the Seahawks play very VERY early in the morning. The Seahawks and Bucs faced off in what may have been the best matchup these international games have seen.

The Seahawks had been rolling but had not yet faced an opponent or player with the star power and (still) greatness that is Tom Brady. This is far from Brady’s best team, but he continues to be the cold-blooded assassin that has owned the league for two decades.

Was Week 10 a moment too big for the Seahawks?

It was clear through the first two and a half quarters that Seattle was not playing like themselves, rather reverting back to the level of play we watched the first few weeks of the season. Stupid penalties, not stopping the run, and inability to generate anything on offense. It was jarring and looked like the team that Seattle was supposed to look like this year.

The Seahawks eventually woke up and made a legitimate run at stealing the game. It was a tough loss, but a great learning experience. They were reminded of what it feels like to lose, to see the value of a run defense, to see how important it is to take care of the football and to see how Brady can neutralize your pass rush and put a game away.