Tracking the QBs Seahawks should take in 2023 NFL draft: Week 12

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Seahawks 2023 QB targets: Tier 3 (3rd-5th round in the draft)

Tier number 3 of the NFL draft takes a look at some talented prospects that I believe can eventually be a starter, but they need to be in the right environment, the right system and have a couple of seasons to cook and get properly ready. These are the types of quarterbacks to look at if Geno Smith is locked up on a 3-year deal that is full of guaranteed money.

Number 8: KJ Jefferson

NFL Comp: Jacoby Brissett

KJ Jefferson has not had the season he and Arkansas had hoped for when the season started. Injuries and offensive inconsistency have kept Jefferson from reaching his full potential this year, but he and the Razorbacks found some glory on Saturday as they absolutely crushed #14 Ole Miss 42-27. Jefferson completed 17/22 passes for 169 yards and 3 touchdowns while adding nearly 50 yards rushing. The Razorbacks jumped out to a 42-6 lead before Ole Miss scored 21 garbage points late.

KJ Jefferson continues to be an interesting prospect for me. He could easily be the next Cardale Jones, but he could also be the next Jacoby Brissett if given time to learn.

Number 7: Jaren Hall 

NFL Comp: Zach Wilson

Zach Wilson has had quite the career for only playing in 19 games. The much-maligned quarterback has all the talent in the world to be great. Don’t forget, the San Francisco 49ers supposedly traded their future to draft him, but were sniped by the Jets at #2. The team and environment are critically important to success, and I believe Wilson would be in a much better situation playing for the 49ers, than New York.

That being said, Zach Wilson looks like the worst quarterback I’ve seen in the NFL since Tim Tebow, he’s been that bad. He also appears to be failing to lead, and that will get him out of the league within 2 years.

Why do I bring Wilson up? Because Jaren Hall is a clone of Zach Wilson. Size, playing style, similar arms, it all matches up. The only difference is BYU has struggled, and this year’s class is much stronger than the 2020 Covid class.

I’m pretty high on Hall, but his season has been quite inconsistent. This could potentially lead to him falling to anywhere between the late 3rd to 5th round. I think if BYU would have given him the keys to the offense, BYU is probably threatening to win 10 games this season. Nonetheless, Hall put up video game numbers in a 52-26 win over little Utah State, going for 456 yards and 5 touchdowns.

The Seahawks should look to snag him, he could be fully ready to flourish in 2025.

Number 6: Hendon Hooker

NFL Comp: Less mobile Lamar

The Heisman-hopeful quarterback from Tennessee may have had a worst-case scenario this week. Not only was his team shockingly obliterated at South Carolina, effectively ending his Heisman and CFP run, but he was also injured, tearing his ACL. This is a heartbreaking ending to a magical season. Hooker, 25 years old, has now torn his ACL for the third time.

There was the question of whether a Heisman and a national championship run could potentially bump Hooker’s draft stock all the way up to the late first or early second round. There’s no doubt today that dream has sailed. With Hooker likely missing all of next season, you have to wonder how far he’ll slide, especially with his age and injury against him.

On the field, he can make every throw, but he has rarely been challenged schematically and by his opponents. I personally think that if he was there in the 4th or early 5th round, there’s some good value in a draft and stash plan where he can get healthy while learning from Geno Smith.