Tracking the QBs Seahawks should take in 2023 NFL draft: Week 12

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Seahawks 2023 QB targets: Tier 2

These potential day-2 picks, but with a big bowl win, or loss, could see their stock fluctuate dramatically.

Number 5: Michael Penix Jr. 

NFL Comp: Geno Smith

As Hooker falls out of tier 2, Michael Penix, Jr. finds himself alone as the clear-cut number 5 quarterback in this year’s class, putting himself in a position to be picked on Day 2 of the NFL draft. Since week one of the season, Michael Penix has been the most underrated player in the country. After injuries ruined his career at Indiana, he followed coach Ken Deboer to Washington and has been the most impressive college quarterback I’ve seen this season.

Were it not for a bad second quarter at UCLA, or a bad 20 minutes at Arizona State, the Huskies very well could be facing a playoff elimination game against USC in the PAC 12 Championship. Because of those losses, the Huskies look like they’ll miss out on playing for the conference championship. All is not lost, as a playoff berth for USC would mean the 2nd ranked team in the PAC 12 would get the Rose Bowl bid, something Washington would be favored to receive.

The Huskies suddenly find themselves looking at a potential Rose Bowl berth, and an appearance in that game could continue the Penix ascension. The chance to play against a great defense like Michigan or Ohio State could show us a lot about the type of quarterback Penix is in big moments.

If Geno is locked up, I truly think he’d be a fantastic apprentice to Geno Smith. Their play is extremely similar, and Penix could help continue the solid play that we hope to see from Geno for a few more years.