The one thing 12s should be thankful for about the 2022 Seahawks

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day and while there are more important things than football, it’s still OK if 12s can give thanks to things about the Seahawks. We care about the team and the team needs 12s. There are no professional sports without fans.

But 2022 has been a really nice year so far for the Seahawks. Heck, while it would be sad if the team didn’t win another game, if they didn’t they would still have exceeded many expectations of how good they would be. This isn’t just for the team overall but for certain players as well.

Who knew that Geno Smith would be the new and improved version of what Seattle has at quarterback? Smith has been astonishingly good. He is in the top ten of most good quarterback statistics – he is second in passer rating, fourth in total QBR, sixth in touchdown passes – and none of it seems gimmicky. He should be back in 2023 and should be expected to be just as good.

The Seahawks have been surprisingly good so far in 2022

Some may have expected the rookie class to be good this year, but great. Or as great as they have been? Cornerback Tariq Woolen ranks second in the NFL in interceptions with 5, CB Coby Bryant ranks first in forced fumbles with 4, Abe Lucas is the 34th-highest-graded tackle in the NFL (per Pro Football Focus and a subscription is required) while Charles Cross is 48th. That isn’t terrible for two rookie tackles who will only get better.

And I didn’t even mention current and future running back king Ken Walker III who ranks 18th in rushing yards though he has only started half the season. Plus, he is 5th in rushing touchdowns. Basically, Walker is what we thought he could be and even more. The Seahawks offense is going to be for years. Oh, yeah. So will the defense.

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But the one thing that 12s should be thankful for this Thanksgiving is each other. We don’t leave and we aren’t fair-weathered fans. We are loud and we can change the outcomes of games and we are something that the Seahawks cannot do without. 12s are the best fanbase in football and we should be proud of ourselves and the team. So while everyone at the table might be giving thanks to all they have, when it gets to be your turn you should also give thanks but then at the end maybe you should sneak in a slightly quiet, “Go Hawks!”