Three reasons I’m thankful for Seahawks QB Geno Smith

Mandatory Credit: David Cruz-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: David Cruz-USA TODAY Sports /

12s, we have a lot to be thankful for as fans of the Seahawks – imagine being a fan of the Texans! This is why I’m giving thanks for Geno Smith.

Just so you know the horrors we go through to share our thoughts, Grammarly insists that I change my previous sentence to “giving thanks to Geno,” rather than for Geno Smith. Well, okay, thank you, Geno, even though I seriously doubt you’re reading this. But if you are, like for real, man, thank you for staying with the Seahawks!

Oops, got a little ahead of myself there. I’m thankful for Geno for about 37 reasons. Frankly, I don’t have the energy to put that all to paper – or to glowing display – and you don’t have the time to wade through it, either. So I’m just going to run through the top three reasons that I – and I’m sure all 12s – are thankful for Geno Smith.

Seahawks are lucky to have a leader like Geno Smith

Leadership is a tricky concept, especially in the NFL. Most people assume the quarterback will be a team leader, but that isn’t always the case. Look no further than the New York Jets locker room for just how wrong that assumption can be. Even the best QB in Seahawks history wasn’t always seen as a great leader. Yes, I was dismissive of all the times we heard of Russell Wilson butting heads with Richard Sherman or Michael Bennett. Too much was made of it at the time, the fact remains that Wilson wanted more money and he wanted out.

Now, we all want more money, right 12s? I truly can’t blame Wilson for wanting to cash in on his talent, especially when you see the contract of Carson Wentz. But when the guy who is ostensibly a team leader consistently complains about his offensive line, yet demands so much money the team can’t afford to pay top linemen – well, that isn’t what I’d call leadership.

Now compare him to Geno Smith. How often does Smith talk about a team victory, and clearly mean it? Every single time. How many times did we see the former QB share the podium at a press conference with other players? Nope, not I can recall. He had to be the star. All Geno Smith wants is to win. The Seahawks feed off that and absolutely love the guy. He’s a leader in a way that number 3 never was.

Geno Smith never quits on himself

Now, I would never say that the former QB wilted under pressure. That simply isn’t true. He often tried to do too much, that’s for certain. How often would he drop back and sling the ball 40 yards, when all the Seahawks needed was five or six? Sure, sometimes he’d make those. It helps when Tyler Lockett or Doug Baldwin is out there tracking down those throws to the millimeter. But too often – especially over the past two seasons and now in Denver – the ball would sail 10 yards past the receiver, and Michael Dickson would get another chance to show off his leg.

Geno Smith doesn’t do that. If Seattle needs six yards, Geno throws for seven. He trusts his teammates to come up with the big play. He doesn’t feel he has to be the hero every time. At times, he may take off and run for the first down. Now, does it always work? No, of course not. But he is by far one of the most efficient quarterbacks in the league.

What I like most about his play is that when he does make a mistake, or maybe the defense simply makes a great play, he doesn’t let it affect him. He gets mad, sure, but he goes right back to work. What did Geno do after the Cardinals scored on a pick-six? Not much; just took the Hawks into the end zone on the next three drives to put the game away. His fumble versus the Bucs was rough, to be sure. Smith marched Seattle down the field to bring them within striking distance. He never gives up on himself, or his team.

Seahawks QB Geno Smith is authentic

As for the man, this is what I love the most about Smith. He is absolutely authentic. You never have to guess what he’s really thinking. After every game, Wilson gave a master class in spin and obfuscation. Why he didn’t simply retire and run for office is beyond me; the man was born to be a politician. Okay, he had up to a quarter billion reasons to keep playing. Still, if he doesn’t go into politics, I’ll be shocked.

Now, Geno Smith will tell you exactly what he thinks. He may not phrase it as brutally as he’d like – I imagine he had a bit more to say than “I ain’t wrote back” – he tells all of us exactly what happened, and exactly why. He’s real, and that is as rare in sports as a career bench warmer becoming an absolute star.

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In a sports world full of guys that are all about their brand, it is beyond refreshing to hear a player who puts his team first every time. No shoes, no high-profile appearances. Just looking out for his teammates, and handing out turkeys to people in need. Yes 12s, as I’m sure you are, I am very thankful for Eugene Cyril Smith III.