For Pete’s sake: Seahawks that threw away the game in Week 14

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Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /
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Seahawks QB Geno Smith
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Geno Smith couldn’t save the Seahawks

For the first time this season, Geno Smith was as much a part of the problem as he was the solution. On his first play from scrimmage, he threw an interception on a ball that looked like I’d thrown it. The Panthers scored on their first play afterward, and just like that, Seattle was down 10-0. As we’ve seen for most of this year, the Hawks defense simply isn’t good enough to overcome 13-yard drives.

Normally, the Seahawks offense is good enough to do that, though. But with virtually no running game, the Panthers defense had the luxury of playing the pass all day. Smith suffered for it, as he threw another terrible interception in the second quarter. He clearly thought Carolina had jumped offside, so thought he had a free play. Problem is, there was no flag. Even if there had been, it could just as likely have been a false start on the Hawks; there’s no way he should have made that throw.

Smith was nearly picked off a third time, too. Thank goodness Tyler Lockett didn’t give Panthers cornerback Jaycee Horn lessons in dragging your toes, or that would have been pick number three. Maybe that makes up for the alleged Bobby Wagner interception last week. Regardless, this was Smith’s worst performance by far. He’s been terrific all season, and he will be again. But for this one game, he just didn’t have it.

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Were there any positives in the game? Of course. Tyler Lockett showed again why he deserves far more credit than he gets nationwide with more of his sublime body control. Marquise Goodwin had the best game of his Hawks career. And Godwin Igwebuike was a revelation on the return team. 104 yards on three returns, are you kidding? It’s a very short week before the Hawks face the Niners Thursday night. Let’s hope they clean up at least some of the issues they had Sunday.