For Pete’s sake: Seahawks that threw away the game in Week 14

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Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /
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Seahawks offensive line
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Seahawks can’t run the ball, either

Yes, I know the Hawks started their third-string back, so our expectations should be somewhat tempered. And in reality, Travis Homer is the fourth-string back, as Seattle lost Rashaad Penny in week five. So I can’t put all the blame on him for his 26-yard output. Tony Jones added two yards on his single carry and Marquise Goodwin lost the same on an ill-fated attempt to catch the Panthers off-guard. As Karley Silbert wrote, neither player looked explosive.

And speaking of off-guard, wouldn’t it be great if Seattle’s guards could open some holes? Sort of makes you appreciate what Penny and Kenneth Walker III have been able to do this year, doesn’t it? How on earth have those guys done it? Between them, Penny and Walker have rushed for 995 yards and 11 touchdowns. The Seattle backfield replacements aren’t exactly in the same league.

Kinda makes me want to laugh when I think of all those critics who complained that all Pete Carroll wants to do is run the ball, and how the league has passed him by. Do you know what you get when you can’t run the ball? This is what you get when you can’t run the ball. You get ants. Well, not exactly, but I’ve been waiting to throw in an Archer reference for years now.