Seahawks versus 49ers Week 14 staff predictions: All hope is gone

Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports /

It’s over, right, 12s? A Seattle Seahawks season that began as shockingly good as the team got off to a 6-3 start has seen Seattle fall to 7-6 after losing three of their last four games. A huge reason for Seattle struggling is the run defense has been completely awful.

Enter the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers currently lead the NFC West by two games over Seattle. And all of San Francisco’s strengths equate to the Seahawks’ weaknesses. The 49ers can rush the passer and Seattle can’t run the ball themselves right now. And the 49ers run the ball exceedingly well and 12s know that Seattle can’t stop a team running.

There is nothing entering Thursday night’s game that would signal Seattle has any chance of victory in Week 15. In fact, the Seahawks could lose their last four games because they begin a run against three straight good teams and then finish with the Rams who always seem to beat Seattle at least once every year.

Staff predictions for the Seahawks versus the 49ers Week 15

I personally have zero expectations that Seattle will beat the 49ers and if they don’t win against San Francisco then why would they defeat the Kansas City Chiefs the next week? If Seattle falls to 7-8, they aren’t going to make the playoffs most likely. Even if they did, they would get run over once they are in the postseason.

And yet, don’t the Seahawks always seem, at least under head coach Pete Carroll, to win games when they are expected to get absolutely blasted? There isn’t any reason Seattle should defeat the 49ers so that is every reason to expect they will. Stranger things have happened. This is what our staff thinks.

Todd Vandenberg: 49ers 33 Seattle 16

Jake Luppino: 49ers 27 Seattle 17

Andrew Bailie: Seattle 24 49ers 23 (surprise!)

Karley Sibert: 49ers 30 Seattle 10

Matt Holm: 49ers 24 Seattke 13

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Max Downard: 49ers 24 Seattle 21

Lee Vowell: 49ers 35 Seattle 10