3 observations about DK Metcalf from Seahawks win in Week 18

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Takeaway 2: DK Metcalf stands up for his Seahawks teammates

DK Metcalf stands up for his teammates. Maybe in these articles about Metcalf I disrespect him a bit too much. It certainly isn’t meant to be a slight against Metcalf. I think he is an excellent player (capable of more production) and a good person. But on Sunday against the Rams, we saw a bit extra from Metcalf.

Metcalf doesn’t mind a tussle obviously, and he gets flagged for it a bit more than most. But it needs to be noted that near the end of regulation when Geno Smith had just stepped out of bounds and then got blasted by Jalen Ramsey, Metcalf was the one guy who took Umbridge with Ramsey specifically. I’m not saying the Seahawks were not peeved by the hit on Geno because they were, but they were more worried about Geno. DK is the guy who went after Ramsey.

It also should be noted that Ramsey tried to draw a flag after Metcalf pushed his helmet, a few seconds went by, and then Ramsey flops to the ground was weak. I think Ramsey is a fantastic player and one of the best CBs in the league, but I lost a bit of respect for him after watching him fall to the ground as if he had been hit. Ramsey looked more like an EPL player than NFL. And that’s no respect towards EPL players; They fall to the ground with intelligence. Ramsey just looked silly.

I am glad Metcalf is on the Seahawks. He stands up for his teammates. And if I worked with DK Metcalf and had someone trying to bully me, I’d want a 6’4” and 230-pound guy who is pure muscle standing up for me too.