3 observations about DK Metcalf from Seahawks win in Week 18

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Takeaway (potential future) 3: DK Metcalf might shine in the playoffs

The playoffs might be DK Metcalf time. Metcalf has been involved in three playoff games for Seattle. He averaged 105 yards receiving a game, has 16 catches and caught 3 touchdown passes. The bright lights of an ultra-important game are not going to bother Metcalf and that’s important. It’s also important that the 49ers do not have a corner of the ilk of Sauce or Ramsey.

In Week 18, Metcalf got limited by a top-3 corner. And in Week 17, Metcalf was limited by a top-3 corner. There is no shame in this. Those corners are good for a reason. But maybe the playoffs will be the time when Metcalf proves once again that he is a top-10 receiver. There’s no question about Metcalf’s talent.

The issue might be how much time Metcalf’s quarterback, Geno Smith, has to throw Metcalf the ball. The 49ers’ pass rush is ferocious and the ability of their linebackers to cover tight ends is great. Tight ends Noah Fant and Colby Parkinson have made important plays over the last couple of games and if they are covered well, Smith might feel like he has to force a pass to Metcalf.

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The Wild Card game needs to be the game where Metcalf shows off all of his skills. He needs to get open deep and he needs to find room over the middle. Great receivers, like Metcalf, are double-covered often but they still find ways to get open in important games. Metcalf likely needs to have a big game, and again show why the Seahawks will be paying him $25 million soon, or Seattle will lose badly.