Revisiting some Seahawks offseason bold predictions for the 2022 season

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Around 7 months ago, I wrote an article outlining 3 of my bold predictions for the 2022/23 NFL season. Admittedly, 2 of my 3 predictions did not pan out, with one of these being comically bad.  I predicted that the Seattle Seahawks would give DK Metcalf a 4-year extension worth $90-120 million. While they did end up re-signing him, the extension was not as lucrative as I expected.

The other prediction was that quarterback Drew Lock would start all 17 games.  Yeah, not even close on this one.  I don’t think anyone could have seen Geno Smith having as much success as he did this year, including me.

Lo and behold, Geno Smith led the NFL in completion percentage at 69.8, was 6th in the league in QBR, and is now a Seahawks record-holder. Smith broke three of Russell Wilson’s previous Seahawks records. But, one of my predictions was so spot on. I even surprised myself with the accuracy.

A prediction about the Seahawks that happily turned true

While most people were spending the NFL offseason saying that the Seahawks were so bad that they might not win any games, I was busy writing my prediction article. I predicted that Seattle would go 9-8 and make the playoffs. I am happy to have been lucky.

There are few things sweeter in the world of sports than simply just being right.  This is multiplied by 1,000 when you were told how crazy/ridiculous you were for a whole season after making a prediction like this, and you still ended up being right. Again, I was lucky to be right but I took an educated guess. I’d also guess that about 100,000 12s made a similar prediction.

After I predicted the Seahawks would go 9-8 and make the playoffs, I was continually told how ridiculous I sounded.  I was told so many times that “No, the Seahawks won’t even win a game”. I feel that I have earned my victory lap for making this prediction.

Ultimately, I am just happy that this team will be playing playoff football.  This was such a fun roller coaster of a season, and I know I speak for every 12 when I say I didn’t want it to end this past Sunday. Thankfully, we will get to watch our Hawks take the field at least one last time in the playoffs, and I just want everyone to know that I predicted it.

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P.S. Thank you, Detroit Lions, and Go Hawks!