Seahawks: 4 observations about DK Metcalf’s 2022 season

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DK Metcalf is deserving of being one of the faces of the franchise

If you want to sell a team to the sporting public you need a few things, especially if you aren’t the most outstanding team ever. One is to have an ownership group that the city believes in and Seattle has that. Two is to have a solid front office and head coach. The Seahawks have that as well. The next thing is to have at least one player who is very good on the field but also charismatic enough to keep the fans interested.

When Russell Wilson was with Seattle, he said a bunch of rehearsed lines and was a bit robotic. But he would also visit the Seattle Children’s Hospital every Tuesday and would do random things like dressing up as Pete Carroll for Halloween. Players like Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman were, and still are, fascinating to watch from a fan’s view.

Tyler Lockett is just a good human being and an excellent football player. Maybe one of the rookies will soon evolve as an outspoken player and an All-Pro. But DK Metcalf is young enough and under contract long enough that he is going to be a staple in Seattle for years to come.

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Metcalf is talented and unique and team-oriented. He stood up for Geno Smith after Geno got knocked down by Rams CB Jalen Ramsey in Week 18, for instance. Metcalf would be a massive superstar if he played in New York but he doesn’t. He plays for the Seahawks and Seattle fans should be happy about that.