Seahawks: 4 observations about DK Metcalf’s 2022 season

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DK Metcalf might be on the verge of a monster season for the Seahawks in 2023

It seemed like at the end of the 2022 season, Geno Smith and DK Metcalf were no longer really connecting.  The playoff game against the 49ers was one thing. Metcalf was extremely productive and Geno found Metcalf in a variety of ways. The 50-yard touchdown pass was one we didn’t see very often this season, though. It was a post route and many of the longer throws this season were over the middle and toward Tyler Lockett.

Some of Metcalf’s worst games of the year came near the end of the regular season. In three of the final four, Metcalf had 55 yards or fewer. In Week 16, Metcalf had 1 catch on 5 targets for 3 yards. It was arguably Metcalf’s worst game of his career. He was immensely outplayed by the Jets’ Sauce Gardner.

So why would 2023 be a different kind of year than 2022 for Metcalf? Seattle will face some excellent cornerbacks out of the division next season. Marlon Humphrey of the Ravens is one player and the Cowboys’ Trevon Diggs is another and that’s just to name two. Both those corners are capable of giving Metcalf issues. But the thing with Diggs is he likes to cheat a bit too so a good receiver, such as Cooper Kupp who burned Diggs for 125 yards receiving in Week 5, can beat him.

But mostly I think Metcalf has a monster season in 2023 because he is due for a career year and I think Geno Smith returns as the quarterback. While Smith and Metcalf do need to build even more of a rapport, having a year of experience is bound to help. Also, I am probably just being a homer and hoping Metcalf is great next season.