4 options for the Seahawks at quarterback in 2023

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Seahawks option number 2 at QB: Bring in veteran Derek Carr

There would be some advantages to the Seahawks bringing in Derek Carr. One is that he might – might – be less expensive than Geno Smith. Smith’s value is likely enhanced after his play in 2022 and had a season as good, if not better, than any season Carr has ever had. Like Carr during most of his time with the Raiders, Smith was the quarterback of a productive offense that was a part of a team with a bad defense, and still, Smith succeeded.

Carr also is still young enough to be productive for several years. He will be 32 years old when the 2023 season begins. Carr is also probably going to be extra motivated to prove himself after he was basically given up on by the Raiders this year. He might want to take a reduced two-year deal in hopes of earning his next contract in 2025.

Carr is also well-respected by his teammates and was a leader for the team during some rough times. If Carr came to the Seahawks, he would likely step effortlessly into a leadership role and he has enough experience to know what to expect for each game each week.

The problem with Carr is that replacing Smith with Carr is just at best breaking even. Smith is also well-respected in the locker room. Smith is the same age as Carr. And Smith knows Seattle’s offensive scheme better than Carr.