4 options for the Seahawks at quarterback in 2023

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Seahawks option number 3 at QB: Add Lamar Jackson

Signing Lamar Jackson would break the Seahawks’ cap space and they are very unlikely to do it. Jackson might get franchise-tagged by Baltimore but then the Ravens doing that and not working out a long-term deal with Jackson might create some locker room discontent. The other issue is that the Ravens might not want to give Jackson a ton of money if they feel he is an injury risk moving forward. Jackson has missed five games in each of the last two seasons.

But if Seattle were to sign Jackson, he is probably capable of making them immediately into a Super Bowl contender. While Jackson has been in the league since 2018, he is still only 26 years old. That means, and this is just a crazy guess based on me being too lazy to look it up, as a quarterback who likes to run a lot and is extremely great at it, he should have 5-7 seasons left to play at an elite level.

Assuming the Ravens don’t work out a deal with Jackson and assuming they don’t franchise tag him, both remote yet possible situations, then should Seattle go for Jackson? Of course. Why not. Will he cost a bunch of money? Yes. But does he make, along with the Seahawks’ young roster and excellent draft capital, a Super Bowl contender every season for the next half-decade? Yep.

Here is potentially one way a deal could be done. The Ravens work out a deal with Jackson but with a deal to trade him to Seattle for their first-round choice in 2023 and other picks. Would Baltimore do that? Maybe. Should Seattle do that? Yes. Will it happen? Very unlikely. But Jackson would have to like the idea of throwing to Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf.