4 ideal Day 1 options for the Seahawks in the 2023 NFL draft

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The Seattle Seahawks have two first-round picks in the 2023 NFL draft. The number five overall choice they have is the highest of the John Schneider/Pete Carroll era. And if Seattle stands pat at number 5 and hits a home run as much as they did with the 2022 draft class, Seattle is going to get a superstar.

Of course, there is also the very good chance that Schneider and Carroll decide to trade down and add more picks if what they want isn’t there at choice 5. But, again like the 2022 draft, let’s hope Seattle doesn’t overthink the draft and just goes with the best player available at a position of need. So what follows assumes the Seahawks don’t trade back.

With the following options, I went with players who fit a need for the Seahawks not only in 2023 but well beyond. At pick 20, for instance, one of the players Seattle might not have to use right away but in future seasons could be a Pro Bowler. That said, here are some excellent options on Day 1 for Seattle.

Four great options in Round 1 of the 2023 NFL draft for the Seahawks

Round 1, Pick 5

Ideal options: Edhe rusher Will Anderson (Alabama), defensive tackle Jalen Carter (Georgia)

Will Anderson has been college football’s premiere pash rusher over the past two seasons at Alabama. Anderson has the size, speed, and quickness to dominate in the NFL. In college, he missed 16.4 percent of his tackles, however, and was penalized more often than an NFL team might find ideal. I’m sure Seattle would be ecstatic to pick Will Anderson at pick number 5, but in early draft projections, Anderson going that long without hearing his name called seems highly unlikely. Still, there’s a chance.

Jalen Carter is this draft‘s Ginormous run-stopping defensive tackle. Even in high school, Carter drew comparisons to NFL legend Warren Sapp. Jalen Carter is a slam-dunk blue-chip defensive prospect. Considering the Seahawks’ inability to stop the run this season, Carter would be a dream fit for the Seahawks at pick 5. He had 3 sacks each in 2021 and 2022 and a combined 15.5 tackles for loss in those two years.

Yes, Jalen Carter and Will Anderson are long shots to be available at number 5, but with it being so early in the draft process, I’ll leave it at anything that is possible. I mean, a 12 can dream, right?

Round 1, Pick 20

Potential targets: Tight end Michael Mayer (Notre Dame) and Running back Bijon Robinson (Texas)

Michael Mayer might be the most NFL-ready prospect in this year’s draft. NFL scouts have made comparisons to George Kittle due to Mayer’s similar dedication to run-blocking prowess. Mayer deserves to be drafted higher than this pick, but tight end is not a glaring position of high value. Mayer could end up being a steal for the Seahawks in the later first round.

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Bijon Robinson is undoubtedly the most highly regarded running back in this year’s class. Since entering the University of Texas in 2020, Bijon finished his collegiate career with 4,215 scrimmage yards and 41 touchdowns in three seasons. Robinson might be the most explosive and versatile back we’ve seen since Saquan Barkley. Even though running back may not be a position of need, pairing Robinson with Kenneth Walker might give the Seahawks all the explosion they need at the position for years to come.