Top five free agents Seahawks must chase this offseason

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Player 1: Seahawks should re-sign quarterback Geno Smith (Seahawks)

What to do at the quarterback position is the biggest question the Seahawks have this offseason. Geno Smith was a whole lot better than anyone expected in 2022 but can he replicate that again in 2023 and 2024 and beyond? If so, it’s a no-brainer to try to bring back Smith to be the quarterback of the team for the foreseeable future. If Seattle does re-sign Smith, and he is good, the team should bring in enough talent through the draft to build the roster into a contender.

Smith is also well-liked and well-respected in the locker room, it seems. Part of this is he seems to simply be a genuine guy who isn’t just trying to sell a bill of goods for his own brand. Smith wants to win in Seattle and is appreciative of the chance he was given by the organization. That is another reason to try to keep him around. He is extra-motived to continue trying to prove his worth.

And maybe Smith is just as good as he showed for most of this season. Sure, he can cut down on his interceptions and fumbles but he still had fewer interceptions than other quarterbacks like Joe Burrow and Aaron Rodgers in around the same number of throws. It may also be that Smith has even fewer turnovers in 2023 in his second full season as a starter since 2014.

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But how much to pay Smith and does paying Smith – say $30-35 million – make it where the Seahawks can’t sign other top-end free agents? Of course, no other veteran quarterback of any worth is going to be less expensive than Smith so it’s like Smith or a rookie. The safe money seems to indicate to pay Smith and led him be the leader of a young but talented roster.