Seahawks 2023 draft: Only one QB is worth selecting in the 1st round

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Seattle Seahawks are looking to build off their impressive 2022 regular season this offseason. Appearing to be ahead of schedule in their rebuild, addressing the defensive trenches seems to be the number one item on the to-do list. But, should that be superseded by the QB position?

At the moment, Geno Smith is an unrestricted free agent. Seattle has the option of preventing him from hitting the open market by either franchise tagging him or signing him to a long-term deal. But, holding two 1st-round draft picks in the 2023 NFL Draft — one of them being 5th overall thanks to Denver — some are speculating that the Seahawks can address the QB position through one of those picks.

Immediately, people assume Bryce Young or C.J. Stroud as potential early 1st-round selections for Seattle. Although I like Bryce Young, I would suggest an alternative route for the Seahawks. In fact, I think if they were to address the QB position in the 1st-round, they should do it with the 20th overall pick and there is only 1 prospect they should consider.

The only QB the Seattle Seahawks should consider in the 1st-round

Think about the Seahawks’ offense here for a second. They are a run-first offense that wants to use the run game to open up the passing attack. Specifically, the explosive plays via play-action fake. GM John Schneider has made it no secret that he likes tall, athletic QBs who have great arms strength and the ability to make plays happen with their legs. Well, he kept it a secret until Russell Wilson and his camp found out.

Nonetheless, one of the reasons Schneider had his eye on both Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen is he looked to capitalize on their talent while paying them little to nothing. Philadelphia just benefitted from that with Jalen Hurts this past season. When having a QB on a rookie contract, you are able to funnel money into other areas of need to make the team greater.

For argument’s sake, if Seattle wanted to use that approach, there is one prospect who would be close to a perfect fit. And no, it’s not Will Levis. It is Anthony Richardson out of Florida, and it is primarily for two reasons.