Seahawks news for Thursday: Russell Wilson a sack of potatoes?

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

The Seattle Seahawks will have some earth-shattering news this offseason, if you are a 12 that is, but besides free agency, what will happen with Geno Smith, and the 2023 NFL draft, there are other tidbits of information worth noting. This week, we learned a veteran Seahawk re-signed and a new one had a funny observation.

Let’s start with the veteran news. Fullback/linebacker/whatever-is-needed Nick Bellore re-signed with Seattle for two years. Bellore is one of the best special teams players, not only on the Seahawks but in all of the NFL. He has been a team captain for the last two seasons. What might normally seem hyperbole with most players is the absolute truth about Bellore: His value to the team cannot be measured in raw statistics.

He is a great player to have in the locker room on a team with a roster that is getting younger. Bellore keeps things fairly loose off the field (if you haven’t seen any of his “Between Two Bellores” series at you must do so immediately after finishing reading this article. On the field, though, Bellore likes contact and leads by example. He will 35 years old, though, when his extension ends so he probably won’t play a lot longer. That said, maybe he can join the Seahawks’ front office whenever he does retire.

Is former Seahawks QB Russell Wilson a sack of potatoes?

Now for the fun stuff. Tariq Woolen might have just pulled his first Richard Sherman. Per TMZ, earlier this month Woolen was on the 2 Up 2 Down podcast and was asked about his first impressions of former Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson from the Seahawks first game of 2022. Woolen stated, “When you see (Wilson) in person, it’s like, weird. He’s like a sack of potatoes.”

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While that appeared to be a true slight to Wilson, Woolen must have not completely meant it. He did also say that Wilson was “athletic” and a “good player.” Plus, you know, a sack of potatoes is not an easy thing to move around so maybe Woolen even meant that as a compliment.