Three 2023 free agents the Seahawks must target on offense

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Guard Ben Powers a great fit for the Seahawks
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Seahawks would beef up the running game with this guard

At 6’4″ and 310 pounds, you’d think guard Ben Powers could open holes just by sneezing. And, you’d probably be right. ESPN rated him as the second-best run-blocker in the league last year with a win rate of 78.8 percent. He wasn’t exactly day-old bread when it came to pass-blocking either, as he was rated the 10th-best in that area. At 340 pounds, I’m guessing that Mr. Powers can put a lot of day-old bread away, too. I mean, it is a prerequisite for the best french toast. Ooo, now I’m hungry.

Oh, sorry, back to Ben Powers. His overall grade on Pro Football Focus was 62.9. Now, I don’t have access to the deeper cuts of his ratings, as I’m not a subscriber, but I can tell you this: Powers allowed only 12 QB pressures all season. That’s just the start of his ridiculously great stats. He allowed one QB hit – that’s right, one – and zero sacks. I’m not going to single any current Hawks out, but that’s an upgrade over almost anyone.

Just 26 years old, he’d be an excellent investment for the Hawks. When I say investment, I mean real cash money, too. According to, Powers’ market value is $9.4 million, and likely to get a three-year deal.

Haynes will still just be 27 at the start of the season, while Damien Lewis will only be 26. Powers could anchor the left side along with Charles Cross, moving Lewis back to the right side, or the new guy could switch to the right, with Haynes filling in as needed. No matter which side he’s on, Powers would be a huge asset to the Hawk’s offense.