How the Seattle Seahawks can close the gap with the San Francisco 49ers

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Exceeding expectations in 2022, the Seattle Seahawks look to build off that momentum as we enter the offseason. Between draft capital and money to spend in free agency, the Seahawks are in a position to significantly improve this team. The NFL is a copycat league. Meaning, whoever wins the Super Bowl is the one others try to replicate.

Well, with Kansas City winning their 2nd Super Bowl in the Patrick Mahomes era, it is pretty hard to replicate that as there is only one Patrick Mahomes on this planet. The more realistic approach would be what we saw in Philadelphia. Or in this case, the San Francisco 49ers.

At the end of the 2022 season, it was obvious that there was a big gap between the Seahawks and the 49ers. After going 6-0 in division play, it was even more clear that the San Francisco 49ers were superior not only to the Seattle Seahawks but everyone else in the NFC West. In fact, you could argue they had the best roster in the entire NFL.

How the Seahawks can close the gap with the 49ers

Looking around the NFC West, the Seahawks are only chasing the 49ers. The Arizona Cardinals are an absolute mess. It was no coincidence that they were the last time to hire a head coach. Not many were interested in the dynamic that was created in Arizona giving Kyler Murray way too much power. The Los Angeles Rams appear to be heading toward a rebuild.

Even though they won the Super Bowl in 2022, Los Angeles did essentially mortgage their future to do so and is now paying the price. For our Seattle Seahawks, they have already taken the right step in getting closer to the 49ers. The next step is to take a page out of the 49ers’ playbook; resign your quarterback who you feel can help win you a Super Bowl and build around him.

Do the Seahawks believe Geno Smith is the guy? Yes. The similarities between the 2018 49ers and 2023 Seahawks would also encourage Seattle to re-sign Geno.