3 trade offers Seahawks should take for pick number 5

Mandatory Credit: Gary Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /
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The NFL draft is only a bit over a month away but it will feel like minutes. There are certain things that will happen before the start of the draft (April 27th) that will influence what the Seahawks choose to do probably. If Geno Smith is re-signed, why draft a quarterback, for instance?

Linebacker is a concern for the Seahawks, and that would be true even if they do manage to re-sign Bobby Wagner. Wagner is still a very good linebacker but he also isn’t young and the draft is all about the future. Seattle should probably take a linebacker fairly high in the 2023 draft, with or without the re-signing of Wagner.

But while Seattle stood pat at pick number 9 overall in the 2022 NFL draft and took left tackle Charles Cross, for the most part, general manager John Schneider has made a habit of trading down in drafts. 2023 could certainly be that kind of draft. Seattle has positional needs, certainly, but they also likely need potentially high-end players at those positions instead of one player fixing whatever the problem is.

Seahawks trading back from pick 5 overall might not be the worst thing ever

Adding a player like Alabama edge rusher Will Anderson or Texas Tech’s Tyree Wilson would be possibly very good, Seattle would still be able to get a good defensive lineman or pass rusher at pick 9 or 13 most likely. Trading back doesn’t mean not getting quality. It means the possibility of adding an extra player of high quality or maybe even a solid veteran from the team that trades with Seattle.

What follows are potential trade options for Seattle to trade back from pick 5 overall and still get a high draft pick and add depth too. And by depth, I don’t just mean a player who will be a backup. I mean a player who can be a solid piece in a rotation with the pass rush or at receiver.