3 trade offers Seahawks should take for pick number 5

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Trade offer No. 1: Seahawks add WR3 and another second-round choice

The most obvious reason the Jets would want to pull off this trade is that their quarterback situation is a complete mess. It is clear that 2021 first-round draft pick Zach Wilson doesn’t have the stuff to be a QB1 in the NFL. Not only is he not accurate but he also seems to have no comprehension that he is a big reason his team loses. Wilson even implied after a November 2022 loss to the Patriots that maybe his teammates were to blame.

New York’s defense is good enough to help the team win at a high level. And the defense isn’t going to get worse, either. The Jets have tons of good young pieces, like cornerback Sauce Gardner, that are going to make New York a pain to play against for years. They just need a quarterback to help them win and New York moving up to pick 5 and grabbing Will Levis or Anthony Richardson would probably improve their situation.

Meanwhile, the Seahawks could fall back to 13 and still grab a player like edge rusher Nolan Smith from Georgia or edge rusher Lukas Van Ness from Iowa. Seattle likely could even choose defensive tackle Calijah Kancey of Pittsburgh. My point is that Seattle would still have a lot of options at 13.

Plus, the Seahawks would add another decently high second-round choice and that would give them five picks in the first 53 of the draft. Moore already wants out of New York and he could definitely into the best WR3 that DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett have gotten to play with.