Three combine LB standouts that should move up the Seahawks board

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LB Drew Sanders would look great slicing through the line for the Seahawks
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Drew Sanders would give the Seahawks a lot of flexibility

Seattle has another option if they want to go tall over the middle, with Alabama to Arkansas transfer, Drew Sanders. At 6’4″ and 235 pounds, Sanders certainly has the size to play over the middle. Transferring to Arkansas for his junior season, he moved off the edge to the inside off-ball position full-time and blossomed. He still managed 13.5 tackles for a loss among his team-leading 103. Oh, and he chipped in with 9.5 sacks, too. Just so you know he didn’t abandon the passing lanes, he broke up five passes and picked one off as well.

While Sanders didn’t participate in any of the combine testing, as he’s reportedly still recovering from a hamstring injury, he did participate in on-field drills. By all accounts, he looked as smooth in the drills as he did in the SEC, with great sideline-to-sideline movement. A coach’s kid, Sanders has been around football for virtually his entire life. Like Campbell, he understands the vital importance of communication on the field.

The consensus for Sanders shows him as the first inside linebacker to be taken off the board, at pick number 34. Several draft experts expect him to go in the first round, though. A few of them project him to come to the Seahawks, some with their original 20th pick, while a few others expect Seattle to trade back and nab him later in the first round. Regardless, don’t expect Sanders to be around late in the second.

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Regardless of which player the Seahawks draft – and I’m quite sure they’ll take none of these guys, just to spite me – Seattle needs to shore up their defense over the middle. Any of these three would give the Hawks a big step forward in that regard. Oh, and sign BWagz, please!