Three potential draft steals at pick 37 for the Seahawks

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Jalin Hyatt would look great in Seahawks action green
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Seahawks will go against tradition with the 37th pick

Before we get to that, let’s establish my bona fides. That’s fancy talk for street cred, for you three Cardinals fans that wound up here by mistake. So – I have none. I’m a fan, just like you. I have no insider information, no deep sources at VMAC, and no wiretap on John Schneider’s phone. Shoot, I don’t even have a subscription to Pro Football Focus. It’s highly recommended, but I’m cheap.

So take my ramblings as semi-educated guesses, because I don’t claim to know what the Hawks will do. For that matter, they don’t know exactly what they’ll do, as 31 other teams will have their say, too. That’s why I’m giving three options for each of the three draft slots. Bear in mind, this all supposes the Hawks won’t trade any of their picks.

Alright, let’s take a look at pick 37. It’s actually the sixth pick of the second round since the owner of the Miami Dolphins is a – oh, let’s just say, less than savory character. Oh, and thanks for the pick, Broncos! So, on to my first choice for the pick. I see Seattle using their first pick on day two for a wide receiver. Yeah, I know, I wrote that they’d go against tradition with this pick. Yes, I’m well aware they drafted DK Metcalf in the second round of 2019, and Dee Eskridge in the second of 2021. The break with tradition I foresee is they’ll draft a receiver that can stay on the field and contribute.

Harsh? Maybe, but as much as I like Eskridge – and I do – he’s only suited up for 20 games and had zero starts. Metcalf is a phenomenal talent, yes, but other than Golden Tate and Tyler Lockett, the Carroll and Schneider brain trust has never drafted a receiver that started more than 50 percent of their career games. That’s out of 16 WR draftees. It’s fair to say the Hawks record on drafting receivers isn’t the best. And that’s why I believe that taking a receiver in this draft is the right move. Seattle needs a third receiver, and this draft is loaded.