Three potential draft steals at pick 37 for the Seahawks

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Jalin Hyatt would look great in Seahawks colors, period
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Jalin Hyatt fits the Seahawks perfectly at WR

First up is a name that will draw some complaints. Not because he’s a reach, but because he’d be such a steal, it doesn’t seem possible he’d fall to 37. Then again, DK lasted until pick 64. I’m looking at Tennessee’s Jalin Hyatt. If you look at his combine profile on, a few things will jump out at you as fast as – well, as fast as Hyatt.

I’m not talking about the 4.40 speed or the 40″ vertical. I’m talking about the total combine rank as number one of all wide receivers. Oh, and the most comparable player, DeSean Jackson, that’s pretty good too. At 6’0″ and 176 pounds, Hyatt is just big enough to play across from Metcalf, and can certainly line up in the slot as well.

So why would a player with 67 catches at 18.9 yards per catch and 15 touchdowns drop to the 37th pick? As Lee Vowell wrote, the question has been asked if he’s simply a product of Tennessee’s dynamic offense. Add these comments from the NFL analysis: “route tree somewhat limited”; “production could be erratic due to limitations in his game.” Gee, where have we heard that before, 12s?

I agree with Lee, by the way; Seattle will have to read the tea leaves carefully to decide if they can wait till the 37th pick to get him. For now, the consensus big board shows Hyatt going at 35. So there’s a very good chance he’d still be there when John picks up the phone. If the insanely productive speedster falls just a couple more spots, Seattle can’t afford to pass up the chance to get another weapon for Geno Smith and Shane Waldron. Guarantee you, they’re drawing up plays right now for this guy.