12 of the most important players on the Seattle Seahawks roster for the 2023 season

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Quandre Diggs - S

Since being traded to the Seahawks four years ago, Quandre Diggs has been a consistent force in the secondary and the league that imposes fear in opposing quarterbacks.

The pairing of Diggs and Jamal Adams has become one of the most lethal safety duos in the league and has the potential to continue being just that if both can remain healthy throughout this upcoming season.

Despite coming into 2023 at age 30, when most around the league are starting to be considered "old," it doesn't appear that Diggs intends to slow down. Just last season, he totaled 71 combined tackles, four interceptions returned for 70 yards, seven passes defended, and a forced fumble.

His leadership and production will be an invaluable part of Seattle's defensive production this year, especially in the secondary, as nearly all rookie safeties will flank both him and Adams. Their influence and mentorship will be vital in the development of the future of the team.

Still, they also luck out with the addition of Julian Love, who will likely play a significant second-tier role to the Seahawks' veterans. The trio could easily work their way into being the best at the position in the NFL, which should be a frightening thought for the rest of the NFC West.

Despite the inconsistent evaluation of Diggs' value to the team, it's clear the Seahawks are a better team with him, and it will continue that way as long as he's on the team.