12 of the most important players on the Seattle Seahawks roster for the 2023 season

  • Geno Smith leads the charge for the new season ahead
  • D.K. Metcalf will only get better in 2023
  • Kenneth Walker is ready for a huge sophomore year
Seattle Seahawks
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The 12s

It would be disingenuous to leave off some of the loudest fans in the entire NFL from the list of most important players for the Seahawks this upcoming season.

There is a reason they call them the 12s and all.

With the team appearing to be back on track and the most equipped to be a real contender this season, the excitement from the fans will surely be heard at every home game.

From cheering for phenomenal touchdowns to forcing timeouts or false starts for opposing offenses because they can't hear their own voices in the huddle, Seahawks fans will inevitably be one of the most essential parts of the team again this year.