3 major observations Seattle Seahawks can take from Anthony Richardson's pro day

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Observation No. 2: Seahawks still have to be concerned about Richardson's mid-range throws

A quarterback can have all the freakish arm strength in the world but if he isn't accurate, it doesn't matter. Hendon Hooker is also a quarterback a lot of teams like in the draft. At Tennessee, Hooker was smart with the ball and while having decent arm strength was also extremely accurate. But Hooker wasn't even the starter in 2021, which turned out to be his breakout season in college.

Instead, Joe Milton was going to start. Milton is a lot like Richardson in size. He is 6'5" and 245 pounds and with a cannon for an arm, but he hasn't been overly accurate even though he can throw a ball 70 yards with ease. Milton was replaced by Hooker at Tennessee and the Vols were much better for it. Now Hooker is high on draft boards and Milton is trying to prove he can still be good in college.

I bring up Hooker and Milton because Richardson to Geno Smith is a lot like that. Richardson can throw farther and is more athletic than Smith, but if you want to win football games Smith is your guy. Bringing in Richardson with the hope of starting in 2024 is fine, but if Smith is as good, if not better, in 2023 than he was in 2022, then why replace him with Richardson? Smith is only 32 years old and could play for many more years.

On Thursday, Richardson completed his last 45 passes. Some were long throws and some were outs and many were intermediate passes. The balls got to the receiver but they weren't always placed well. In the NFL with professional receivers covering Richardson's receivers, those throws aren't going to be completed.