3 major observations Seattle Seahawks can take from Anthony Richardson's pro day

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Observation No. 3: Seahawks have to know what is risk versus reward

One thing we know about John Schneider is he knows what to look for in a quarterback. He was part of Aaron Rodgers being in Green Bay and he was a huge reason Russell Wilson ended up with the Seahawks. One reason that Seattle felt OK to trade Russell Wilson in the 2022 offseason was because Schneider saw something in Geno Smith that made him think Smith could be good as the starter. Guess what? Schneider was correct.

So if Schneider, and Pete Carroll, of course, are going to so many pro days for quarterbacks (they recently watched Bryce Young at Alabama's pro day) and they end up taking Richardson at number 5, we should trust their judgement. Would I like Richardson being taken instead of Tyree Wilson or Will Anderson? Not really, but then I am not an NFL GM nor am I as smart as Schneider. I'd trust the process.

Still, one concern I would have is a bit of Jordan Love syndrome with Richardson. The Packers selected Love in the first round a few years ago to replace Rodgers but Rodgers kept playing at a high level and Green Bay missed on an opportunity to get another player of need. Jordan might end up being Green Bay's starter in 2023, but they have no real idea how good he can be.

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I am not saying Geno Smith is as good as Rodgers because he hasn't proven he is. But Smith is good for the Seahawks and Seattle has a very good roster. But they could use fixes at edge rusher, linebacker, and maybe cornerback. Taking a player at one of those positions might be a great move instead of risking the number 5 choice on Richardson. Or maybe Seattle takes Richardson and he ends up being a Hall of Famer. That would be OK too.