3 potential landing spots for Leonard Williams just in case the Seahawks are stupid

Seattle traded for Williams during the 2023 season.
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But if the Seahawks are stupid, the Titans would be thrilled

The 6-11 Titans had the 29th-rated defense, according to Pro Football Focus (you know, the paywalled guys). They were 16th in points allowed and 17th in yards allowed, but that still allows a lot of room for improvement. Surprise surprise, one of their biggest weaknesses was along the defensive line.

Only one interior lineman, Jeffery Simmons, got over 600 snaps, and he wasn't exactly an All-Pro. He definitely got after the quarterback with 47 pressures, but he was mediocre against the run. Compare his PFF grade, 68.4, to Williams at 76.9. The problem for Tennessee is that Simmons was their best interior lineman.

Teair Tart was second in snaps with 350, Kyle Peko third with 342, and Jaleel Johnson fourth with 270 snaps. While Simmons was used more often in the pass rush, 393 snaps to 254, the latter three players were used much more as every-down players. Unfortunately for the Titans, they weren't up to the task. Tart and Johnson graded out at 57.1 and 54.0, respectively, while Peko was an abysmal 38.6. That tends to happen when you miss 30 percent of your tackles. He must have been watching the Hawks tackling drills.

So the Titans could certainly use a player like Willams, who is equally at home stuffing the run and putting the quarterback on the turf. Can they afford him? According to overthecap.com, yes, with ease. Tennessee has the second-most cap space in the league next year, at $68.1 million. With $131.9 million for 2025, they're sixth in the league, so they have long-term assets available as well. If the Seahawks don't keep Williams home, the Titans would be crazy to pass up the chance to get him.