3 potential landing spots for Leonard Williams just in case the Seahawks are stupid

Seattle traded for Williams during the 2023 season.
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The Patriots could begin the climb back with Williams on the line

New England is in better shape on the defensive line than Tennessee. That's about the only spot they have an advantage, but that is the position we're talking about. The Patriots ranked 7th in yards allowed but weren't very efficient, as they ranked 15th in scoring defense. The run defense was exceptional as they surrendered just 3.3 yards per carry. It would be nice to see something approaching that in Seattle, right 12s? That stout showing was mainly due to a solid linebacker corps, and edge defenders that forced everything inside.

The only interior lineman of any note on the Pats was Christian Barmore. He led the group in snaps, tackles and stops - yes, that was deliberate phrasing, and no, you won't get that from AI. Barmore also had 49 pressures. Every other interior lineman combined recorded just 21. PFF rated Barmore at 93.8 overall. The two other linemen with the most snaps by far were Davon Godchaux (rated 50.2) and Lawrence Guy Sr, (rated 45.5). They were both inadequate against the run at best, so you can see why Williams, again, would be a huge upgrade for the team.

As for those pesky financial considerations, yes, the Patriots can afford him. They rank third in cap space for 2024 with $66.1 million available now. In 2025, they'll top the league, with a ridiculous cap space of $190 million. That's $31 million more than the second-place team, the Lions. So, yeah, they're pretty well set to give Leonard Williams a nice, fat, long-term deal in New England. That doesn't even take into account all the money they'll save on their hoodie budget.

Those are hardly the only teams that could use Williams, or afford him. The Cardinals have $42 million in space next year and $151 in 2025. They could definitely use an upgrade at defensive lineman; after all, they're losing L.J. Collier to free agency. That's not a dig at St. Louis, by the way; he was a first-round pick by the Seahawks, as we know all too well. Moving forward, let's hope that was one of the guys Pete talked John into drafting and not the other way around. As for Leonard Williams, I think John Schneider must give the new coach, whoever he may be, one of the best weapons he could ask for on the Seahawks' defense.

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