3 Seattle Seahawks who have earned rosters spots in 2024

A couple of defensive linemen and a quarterback are on the list.

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Seattle should bring back Mario Edwards, Jr.

Mario Edwards has quietly had a very good season. He has bounced around the league quite a bit since he entered the NFL in 2015. Seattle is his sixth team and since 2017 he has not spent more than two seasons with any one team. Edwards is only 29 years old, however, so he should still have a few good years left to be productive.

He also shouldn't be expensive to re-sign. He only has a cap hit of $1,317,500 and he has never earned more than $4.5 million and that was in one season due a signing bonus. Edwards could likely be brought back for less than $2 million and for a veteran defensive lineman who has had the season Edwards has had in 2023, that would be a bit of a steal.

Edwards is graded at number 36 among all interior defensive linemen this year, per PFF. Compare that to Dre'Mont Jones at number 66. The Seahawks signed Jones this past offseason to the most expensive free agent contract general manager John Schneider had ever signed a player to (three years at $51,530,000 with $30 million guaranteed). Jones has not been consistently good. Edwards has.

Since Week 2, Edwards has a quarterback pressure in all but four games. He has only gone once where he didn't have a pressure in consecutive games and that was in Weeks 6 and 7. Overall, Edwards has 21 total pressures. The thing is, though, he isn't meant to be only someone who can occasionally get close to the quarterback. He is better at setting the edge against the run and he has done that fairly well this year, too.