3 Seattle Seahawks who have earned rosters spots in 2024

A couple of defensive linemen and a quarterback are on the list.

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Seahawks should bring back Drew Lock

This one gets tricky, of course. The best scenario might be to let Drew Lock test the waters in free agency and see what he gets back. He will definitely be helped by his performance in Week 15 on Monday Night Football, but he has only two starts in two years and there likely isn't a team in the NFL that is thinking, "Wait until next offseason when we can get Drew Lock!"

I mean no disrespect to Lock in saying that either. He has done the best he can with what has been asked of him. The 2-minute drive against the Eagles that ended with a 21-yard touchdown pass was special. But Lock has also made some iffy throws where he was fortunate that they were not intercepted. Still, Lock's throws were more streamlined in Week 15 than in Week 14 when he did throw two picks.

With Lock, it comes down to money and if he is comfortable being QB2 again. As much as fans have complained about the Seahawks quarterback play this year - and rightfully so many times - Geno Smith nor Drew Lock are the reason the team doesn't have a winning record. Had the defense been better the team might be 9-5 right now.

Lock only makes $4 million currently so he will probably get a pay bump in 2024. Does Seattle bring him back as the starter, though, and release Smith and save a bit of money? Moving on from Smith would save nearly $14 million in cap room. Maybe the Seahawks draft a quarterback early, insert Lock as QB1 to begin 2024, and then let the young QB take over early in the year.