3 Seattle Seahawks most deserving of making the Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl honor is still important even if the year-end skills competition is not.
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The Seattle Seahawks could be headed to the playoffs if they win their last two games, but they do not really have a lot of players one can point to and say, "That guy is definitely a Pro Bowler." While DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett have been consistently good, they do not truly stand out compared to other NFL receivers. The same can be said of edge rusher Boye Mafe.

Defensive lineman Leonard Williams should also be in the Pro Bowl conversation. Much of the first half of the season, though, Williams spent with the New York Giants. He has been terrific with the Seahawks, however.

And before anyone says, "Does anyone care about the Pro Bowl anymore?," this isn't about the game or games, as they are now. A player being voted into the Pro Bowl is about the honor of being seen as being better than one's peers. The Pro Bowl honor is important if participating in the year-end skills competition is not. Here are three Seahawks who deserve a Pro Bowl nod.

Seattle Seahawks Pro Bowler No. 1 - Linebacker Bobby Wagner

No, Bobby Wagner is not that great in coverage, but he excels at everything else. He is a fantastic on-field communicator, beastly tackler, great in the locker room, and can pressure opposing quarterbacks when tasked to do so. In 2023, Wagner is third in the league in combined tackles (154) and fourth in solo tackles (88). Wagner leads the Seahawks in tackles for loss (10) and has his second-highest total in sacks (3.5) since 2016.

Wagner is 33 years old but plays like he is 28. Is he as explosive as he was in 2013? No, but he isn't far off. Plus, a 90 percent Wagner is still better than 90 percent of the linebackers in the NFL. He is a future Hall of Famer who should have never left Seattle, though his contract was so massive the team was basically forced to release him after the 2022 season. Thankfully, Wagner returned for 2023.

Hopefully, Seattle will bring Wagner back in 2024 as well. He is a good voice for a young roster as well as being one of the most productive players on the defense. Wagner makes $7 million this year and we will see if he returns around that same price, but whatever it takes, the Seahawks cannot let Wagner leave again.