DK Metcalf gives the perfect reaction to his touchdown catch in Seahawks vs. Titans

Seattle moved to 8-7 with a last-minute victory over the Titans in Week 16.
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12s all saw the play. With the Seattle Seahawks down 10-6 just into the fourth quarter of Week 16, Geno Smith threw a pass into the end zone from 11 yards out and DK Metcalf caught the ball for a touchdown to give Seattle a temporary lead. But while that seems simple enough, the play was anything but.

First, Smith had to put the ball over a Titans defender in the back left corner of the end zone and then Metcalf had to make a catch while his right arm was being held. There should have been interference called on the Titans on the play but there wasn't. Metcalf had to try to catch the ball at first one-handed and then after a short bobble and getting both hands on the ball, he had to get both his feet inbounds.

But what happened next was confusing. Because of how Metcalf was able to corral the ball, the nearest official could not see Metcalf gain possession so there was no immediate call for a touchdown and the pass was ruled incomplete. After review, the call was correctly reversed and Seattle had its touchdown. DK Metcalf has a reputation in the NFL for being somewhat of a hot head and officials keep an eye on him for this. If there is any doubt, throw a flag on Metcalf.

DK Metcalf's reaction to his touchdown catch was perfect

At a time when DK Metcalf would have had every right to blow a proverbial fuse as he made such a ridiculously great catch while having the awareness of dragging his right foot to make sure both were in yet, the officials did not give him a touchdown immediately, Metcalf remained amazingly calm, did not react at all, and simply tossed the ball back to the official. In fact, Metcalf's demeanor made the play visually more confusing. One would think he would celebrate after such a fantastic grab for a touchdown.

Maybe Metcalf knew his reaction might affect the call. Had he overreacted, there was a chance (because this is the NFL where the officiating, probably because the league uses part-time employees to officiate the game, can go either way on judgment calls) that an official might have thrown a 15-yard flag on him for unsportsmanlike conduct. If Tyler Lockett catches the ball, there is no chance a flag would be thrown for his reaction. But again, Metcalf has a negative reputation.

Maybe the official throws the flag on Metcalf for being Metcalf and while the catch is upheld, the officials use that chance to negate the touchdown and Seattle gets moved back 15 yards. That shouldn't have happened, of course. The touchdown should have been upheld and then the 15 yards taken on the kickoff as any flag would have been a dead-ball situation, but with today's NFL officiating, one cannot take any chances.

DK Metcalf certainly didn't. He did not even look like he caught the ball, based on his reaction. But he did and he gave the Seahawks the lead in a game they eventually won 20-17.

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