4 bold predictions: Seattle Seahawks defense stands up versus Browns in Week 8

  • A defensive struggle?
  • Can Jason Myers come through?
  • Geno Smith squeaks through
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Browns have more yards rushing than passing

Cleveland won't have quarterback Deshaun Watson in Week 8 as he is dealing with a rotator cuff injury. That might actually be a good thing for Cleveland. Watson hasn't been good since he was traded to Cleveland before the 2022 season. He played only six games last year after serving a suspension for most of the first past of the year. In 10 total games with the Browns, Watson's quarterback rating is just 79.8.

P.J. Walker is not any better than Watson has been. He has four years experience in the NFL and has played in 17 games, starting eight of those. He has thrown for 5 touchdowns against 14 interceptions. His career quarterback rating is an awful 60.3. Still, he has been credited with two fourth quarter comebacks in 2023 and that is tied for the league lead.

But Walker's normally poor performance (though if I don't say it here it might happen: Watch Walker complete 70 percent of his passes for 350 yards and 3 touchdowns against the Seahawks) isn't the reason that Cleveland will outrush their passing offense against Seattle. The fact is that Cleveland is a good running team and they should always put up nearly as many rushing yards as passing yards.

Cleveland is seventh in the NFL in yards per rush (4.5) and they are also seventh in total rushing yards (885). Every other team in the top 15 on that last list has played one more game than the Browns have. Cleveland will use several backs, such as Pierre Strong and Kareem Hunt, and each is capable of running for 75 yards against Seattle. This will be Seattle's biggest challenge facing the run so far in 2023 even though Cleveland won't have Jerome Ford (ankle) in Week 8.