4 bold predictions: Seattle Seahawks defense stands up versus Browns in Week 8

  • A defensive struggle?
  • Can Jason Myers come through?
  • Geno Smith squeaks through
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Frank Clark gets Seattle's only sack of the game

Cleveland does allow sacks. They are currently 24th in the number of sacks given up in 2023 at 20 and almost every team in the bottom half of the league with sacks allowed has played one more game than Cleveland. This means on a per-game average, the Browns are one of the worst teams in the NFL at protecting their quarterbacks. (By the way, Seattle quarterbacks have been sacked 13 times which is seventh-best in the league.)

So why will Seattle only get one sack against the Browns even though Seattle is fifth in the league in sacks with 23 (11 of those came in one game against the Giants, though)? Because I think Seattle blitzes a bit less in Week 8, especially blitzes from the secondary with guys like Devon Witherspoon. The smarter move is that Seattle plays more straight-up to try to slow the Browns' run game.

Plus, the Seahawks' secondary should be better than the Browns' passing game. Allowing Riq Woolen and Tre Brown, specifically, to cover their guys one-on-one keeps more defenders available to stop Pierre Strong, Kareem Hunt, and friends. This also could be a great game for Jamal Adams as his aggressiveness can help crunch the line.

Still, I think Cleveland keeps with the run throughout the game because it eats clock and keeps the ball out of P.J. Walker's hands. Walker is also capable of running decently well, too, and that shouldn't be overlooked. But he will drop back some and I think Frank Clark on one of his limited snaps gets home for a sack and this will set off a frenzy of happiness for 12s.