4 Down Territory: Seattle Seahawks win Battle of the Birds in Week 7

  • Rookies stepped up
  • Defense is alive!
  • Spoon should have had better stats
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3rd Down: Witherspoon got screwed

I was at the game on Sunday, and one of the things I was most excited to see (other than Jake Bobo of course) was getting to see Devon Witherspoon in person. Walking out of that stadium, I think it was clear and obvious to everyone in attendance that Witherspoon was the best player on that field.

The #5 overall pick continues to be one of the most unique players we've seen in the league, as Witherspoon dominated the field. Witherspoon finished with 4 tackles (one that even Kam Chancellor would be impressed with), and a pass breakup. What the stats won't show was a beautiful interception in the endzone, as he undercut a route and a massive sack chasing down Josh Dobbs on a blitz in the 4th quarter. Unfortunately due to some questionable penalties, both plays were wiped out. If those plays happen, Witherspoon is probably the defensive player of the week again.

Despite the plays that technically didn't happen, the Cardinals and Lumen Field felt it. Witherspoon is that rare breed of immediate superstar talent. Per PFF, Witherspoon is now the highest-graded cornerback in the NFL with a score of 88.5.

The 49ers felt this with Nick Bosa and the Cowboys with Micah Parsons, but it is rare to see this from a defensive back. As Seahawks fans, we probably experienced this feeling in those first few games with Earl Thomas, and the talent was justified. I believe the same thing is happening in Seattle with Spoon.