One PFF top five highest-graded player for Seattle Seahawks in Week 7 might shock you

Seattle's defense graded well but the offense overall? Not so much.
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The Seattle Seahawks moved to 4-2 with a victory over the Arizona Cardinals in Week 7. The defense once again improved as the game wore on, though the defense didn't truly struggle at any point during the game. The offense was a bit hit-and-miss.

Part of the struggles with the offense could be due to two bad turnovers. Seattle turned the ball over three times in total, but one of those was on a DeeJay Dallas punt return. The other turnovers came on a terrible Geno Smith throw in the direction of Jake Bobo. The other turnover was a muffed snap that was either the fault of center Olu Oluwatimi or QB Smith (even on replay it was unclear).

The grades below are based on what Pro Football Focus (subscription required) came up with. I am not including in the top ten players the special teams because that just seems odd. It should be noted that overall in 2023, Devon Witherspoon is currently the highest-graded cornerback in the entire league. He has elite grades in pass rush and run defense, and his coverage grade isn't that far off either.

Pro Football Focus' Seattle Seahawks grades are in for Week 7

But one player for the Seahawks in Week 7 who was among the top-five highest-graded players was quarterback Geno Smith. Many might find this a bit surprising as Smith did have the interception. But Smith did start off the game really well and finished by completing 18 of 24 passes for 219 yards and 2 touchdowns. Smith was the fifth-highest-graded Seattle player in Week 7.

The top offensive player was receiver Bobo. Bobo had 4 catches for 61 yards and a fantastic touchdown catch. In fact, of all the players who played at least half the game, Bobo graded the highest.

Six defensive players finished with grades that can be considered good while just two offensive players did. Here is how the top five overall looked.

No. 1: Jake Bobo (88.5)
No. 2: Bobby Wagner (83.9)
No. 3: Devon Witherspoon (83.3)
No. 4: Safety Julian Love (74.5)
No. 5: Geno Smith (72.2)

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