4 Seattle Seahawks who likely wish they could have a re-do on 2023

These players could have had better seasons which likely means the team would have as well.
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Seattle safety Jamal Adams

Jamal Adams might have many reasons for a 2023 do-over. He may have rushed coming back from being hurt in Week 1 of 2022 and that lack of being fully healthy slowed him down and he lost most of the explosiveness that made him so impactful in pressuring opposing quarterbacks and helping attach the line of scrimmage in run support. As much as he wanted to play football, Adams might now wish he had returned midway through the season instead of in Week 4.

But Adams kept up some of the same tendencies he had prior to being hurt. That probably goes back to 2020 as well. Adams has never been good in coverage and since his first season with the Seahawks he has not recorded a sack. If he only does one or two things potentially well, such as rush the quarterback, and is incapable of doing those things then why is he playing?

Adams took snaps away from Julian Love in a couple of games and Love still ended up making the Pro Bowl. Defensive coordinator Clint Hurtt choosing Adams over Love cost the team defensively and that could have cost the team a win or two. There is a good reason Hurtt won't be the defensive coordinator moving forward.

But besides his play on the field, Adams got into a social media scuffle with a New York Jets reporter and part of that was Adams sharing a photo of the reporter's wife with a caption that read, "Ew." Classless. Adams also screamed at an independent neurotrauma doctor on the sidelines after being diagnosed with a concussion in Week 4. It was a season Adams would likely forget.

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