49ers do Seattle Seahawks a favor by making this ridiculous move after the Super Bowl

San Francisco has a knee-jerk reaction to Super Bowl loss.

Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

The San Francisco 49ers must have needed a fall guy. Or head coach Kyle Shanahan did. Either way, the 49ers made the knee-jerk reaction of firing Steve Wilks on Wednesday, just three days after the Seattle Seahawks' rival lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl. What a ridiculously stupid move by San Francisco.

Maybe we should assume that Wilks was a bad defensive coach. Of course, if we did assume that we would be as dumb as the 49ers.

For those who do not know, and that likely includes the San Francisco 49ers, the team that finished first in the Seahawks division and that went to the Super Bowl and lost in overtime to arguably one of the five best quarterbacks to ever play the game, fired a coach who led his unit to allowing the third-fewest points in the NFL in 2024, seventh-fewest yards per play, fifth in turnovers created, and fourth in quarterback rating allowed.

Seattle Seahawks fans can rest well knowing Kyle Shanahan is still the coach for the 49ers

Wilks was clearly the second coming of Clint Hurtt. Only he was not. Was Wilks the defensive coordinator when Shanahan lost his first Super Bowl? Nope. There is little doubt that Shanahan is a great coach in the regular season, but he might be the new Marv Levy. He is now 0-2 in the Super Bowl and has a team good enough to get back to the Super Bowl many more times only so Shanahan can lead his team to a loss.

Sure, there will be spin such as something the 49ers did not like about what Wilks was doing schematically. It was good enough to win in the regular season but wouldn't be enough to win a championship. The 49ers would have had no way of knowing this, right? Maybe they just ignored Wilks' two years in the NFL as a head coach and two previous seasons in the league as a defensive coordinator.

Of course, Wilks was not the coach who did not seem to understand how the overtime rules work in the Super Bowl. That would be Shanahan. Also, Wilks wasn't the coach who forgot that Christian McCaffrey was a great running back and maybe the team should use him consistently in the Super Bowl. McCaffrey touched the ball 30 times but a bunch of that in the first half. It was the last game of the year; Give McCaffrey the ball 40 times if needed.

Instead, Shanahan needed a scapegoat and he chose Wilks. This is fine as it shows we are starting to see cracks in the 49ers organization. Maybe the 49ers will beat the Seahawks for the next year or so, but at least 12s can rest assured that as long as the 49ers are coached by Kyle Shanahan Seahawks fans won't have to watch the 49ers celebrate winning the Super Bowl.

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