5 Seattle Seahawks players and coaches who should not return in 2024

Seattle still has a lot of potential to be even better in future years.
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No. 4 - Right guard Phil Haynes

I mentioned Brown at center so I might as well mention Haynes at right guard. He has split more and more time with rookie Anthony Bradford, but Haynes should be been the better player this season simply from experience alone. he has not been. Through the first four games of the season, Haynes had allowed just one pressure. In the five games he has been healthy enough to play since Week 4, Haynes has given up 11 pressures and has had two games where he has allowed four. He has also allowed 5 sacks in eight games.

Haynes has played in Seattle since 2019. In only one season has he played more than eight games (2022 when he played 15). Between 2019 and 2021, Haynes played a total of eight games due to health or ineffectiveness. He was never good enough to be a long-term starter and he still isn't.

No. 5 - Safety Jamal Adams

What a mess Jamal Adams has become. There is a very real chance that Adams is struggling simply because he has always been a physically gifted athlete who never had to deal with not being able to play to his peak level. Maybe he didn't mentally know how to handle his body not reacting to what he was asking it to do. I do not at all mean that Adams is dumb; suddenly not doing something well that one always has is difficult to understand.

But the fact is that Adams is terrible in coverage and he's never been great in that department. Now he is costing his team often by giving up explosive plays by misreading how the play is developing. This happened in Week 14 when the San Francisco 49ers abused Adams on a 54-yard touchdown pass to Deebo Samuel. Adams has allowed 28 receptions when targeted 34 times for 292 yards. He is too much of a liability to keep in 2024 no matter how big his contract is.

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