9 Seattle Seahawks who fell far below expectations in 2023

These players were nine reasons the team underperformed generally this season.
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When a team goes 9-8 and misses the playoffs, it's a sure bet some players underperformed. The Seattle Seahawks certainly had their share of players who fell far below what the team and the 12s expected. Some played below their established level, while a few were simply awful by any measurement.

The Seahawks were so close to being a much-improved team. A few big plays here, a few tackles there- okay, a lot of tackles there - and this team could have had two more wins, a playoff appearance, and the same coach next year. It's also fair to say that with a few less big plays, the Hawks could have gone 5-12 or 4-13. You can't play the "if only" game without considering the unlikely heroics along with the abject failures.

We have plenty of time to celebrate the heroes of the 2023 season. A month too long, in fact. So for now, let's look at the players who did the most to bring those eight losses to the balance sheet of the Hawks. I'll throw in a few dishonorable mentions, but for these guys, it was either a matter of already low expectations or injuries.

The Seattle Seahawks practically had a full squad of underperformers

Frank Clark came in with low expectations, but he still managed just six tackles and three hurries in 142 snaps. Oh, and he missed three tackles.

Coby Bryant missed time early and never got his position back. He allowed 12 completions on 15 targets but was actually one of Seattle's more reliable tacklers in the secondary. He whiffed 15 percent of the time, which tells you how bad the Hawks' secondary was.

I'll mention Stone Forsythe and Jake Curhan just so you don't think I forgot about them. Between them, they allowed eight sacks, 13 QB hits, and 60 pressures. But they're backups for a reason. I can't say they fell far below expectations. But the highlighted players that follow; yeah, they fell to the basement.