9 Seattle Seahawks who fell far below expectations in 2023

These players were nine reasons the team underperformed generally this season.

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Jamal Adams once again disappointed

Only his terrible behavior off the field could distract from his poor performance on the gridiron. Maybe that was his idea all along. If so, it was a masterstroke. I do have to add that he attended Pete Carroll's impromptu farewell dinner, so if there was ever a rift, apparently it's repaired. That's great, but Adams was still awful this year. He made 47 tackles but missed another 15. That was in nine games, 518 snaps.

Know how many tackles Kam Chancellor missed in 201, his last full season with the Hawks? Four, baby. That was throughout 14 games and 854 snaps, including the postseason. Bam Bam missed on four percent of his stops. I know that's a pretty tough standard, but Adams whiffed on a ridiculous 24 percent of his tackles. For $70 million, you need to play better. And you need to show up for your team, whether you're playing or not.

Two more defensive players let the team down

I would add Darrell Taylor (OK, I will), even though that's just low-hanging fruit, guys. Suffice it to say, he was alright as a pass-rush specialist, but he did almost nothing else.

Riq Woolen seemed to lose 40 percent of his game along with his name, but the sophomore slump often hits hard. That's especially true for fifth-round draft picks that had spectacular rookie seasons. He still broke up 10 passes and had the lowest passer rating allowed (82.3) of any Seahawks DB.

Yes, that includes Devon Witherspoon. So Woolen wasn't bad, but he just wasn't phenomenal. I mean, other than his tackling. But that's a topic unto itself. For now, let's uncelebrate the Hawks biggest underachievers of 2023.

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