All it takes for your dreams to come true: What we've learned about 2023 Seahawks

Believe in everything you've ever known - these years will never be untold.
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Give Andy Dickerson whatever he wants - he's earned it at this point

If it hadn't already been made clear with the work he put in last year with two rookie tackles, these last three games have all but confirmed it — Andy Dickerson is a pass-blocking wizard. None of the three defensive lines the Seahawks have faced in the last month have been pushovers, but all three have been handled with as little as one opening day starter on the field.

It's impossible to overstate what Dickerson's presence has done to help rebuild this Seahawks team on the fly. While Geno Smith has never truly gotten a fair shake in the NFL before taking over at QB last year, the starts he did get as a Jet were marred in part by the offensive line simply being unable to replace Alan Faneca, arguably the only guard of his era that could match Steve Hutchinson punch for punch.

The stability Dickerson has created with the improvements to the offensive line are the bedrock for everything else Seattle does on offense. It's why Ken Walker always has something to cut back to. It's why Zach Charbonnet often has a chance to build up a head of steam before he hits the first defender.

It's why Geno can sit at the back of the pocket for ages while any number of receivers get open. And it's part of why the tight ends can get involved in the passing game more often than in years past — those max protect packages that we used to see Russell Wilson sit behind are still part of the offense, but they're no longer integral to the passing game running efficiently.

In short, if you want someone to thank for the Seahawks' offense finally looking balanced and repeatable, thank Andy Dickerson. And then get the team to pay him whatever he wants to stay, because he's starting to look like the second coming of Dante Scarnecchia.