The 3 biggest priorities for Seattle Seahawks heading into Week 6

  • Make Joe prove it
  • Run the ball!
  • Keep Chase close
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Priority No. 1 - Make Joe Burrow proves he's back in form

Joe Burrow got back to being Joe Burrow this past weekend, but against the Seahawks' talented Secondary, he'll have to really prove that he's really back to being who he's been the past 2 seasons.

Not to throw shade at the Arizona Cardinals, but their defense hasn't performed nearly as well as the Seahawks have these past couple of weeks. They're 1-4 for a reason, and although they're hanging around in games and looking a lot better than we all projected them to look, they're still nowhere near talented enough to stop a healthy Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase. I'm not saying Joe Burrow's performance means nothing, I'm just saying that the Seahawks are gonna present much more of a challenge than the Cardinals will.

That being said, Burrow absolutely looked like he was back to form. He was moving around as well as he has all season, and the Bengals were able to make very important plays because of how well he was navigating the pocket. So if the Seahawks want to beat the Bengals priority number one is making the Bengals as one-dimensional as possible.

Make Burrow prove to you that he's fully healthy, send pressure, and take away the run game like they did against New York. The more you force Burrow to extend plays and take away the easy stuff, the more successful the Seahawks can be if Burrow still isn't 100 percent.